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201 Understanding NPAs in Indian Banks: An Analysis of the Role of Banks and Corporate Sector Santosh Kumar Das & Pradyuman Singh Rawat March 2018
200 Dimensions of NPAs in Indian Scheduled Commercial Banks Santosh Kumar Das & Pradyuman Singh Rawat March 2018
199 Intensity of Use of Land in Urban Residential Areas Hariharan Ramachandran August 2017
198 International Trade and Productivity Growth: Evidence from the Organised Manufacturing Sector in India R. Rijesh February 2017
197 Demonetisation: Macroeconomic Implications for Indian Economy Santosh Kumar Das & Pradymna Shankar Rawat February 2017
196 Health in the Era of Neo-Liberalism: A Journey from State's Provisioning to Financialization Shailender Kumar December 2016
195 Contractionary Fiscal Policy and Public Investment: An Empirical Analysis of Emerging Regional Growth Dynamics in India Santosh Kumar Das October 2016
194 Bottled Drinking Water Industry in India: An Economic Analysis Swadhin Mondal September 2016
193 An Analysis of Foreign Acquisitions in India’s Manufacturing Sector Beena Saraswathy August 2016
192 Impact of Trade Liberalisation on the Indian Electronics Industry: Some Aspects of the Industrial Policy Dynamics of Global Value Chain Engagement Smitha Francis, Consultant July 2016
191 Pharmaceuticals, Product Patent and TRIPS Implementation Dinesh Abrol, Nidhi Singh, et. al. March 2016
190 FDI, Technology Transfer and Payments for Know-How: A Case Study of Automobile Sector Swati Verma & K.V.K. Ranganathan March 2016
189 Pharmaceutical Innovation and Contribution of In-house R&D of Domestic Firms after TRIPS in India Dinesh Abrol and Nidhi Singh March 2016
188 Impact of Mergers on Competition in the Indian Manufacturing: An Assessment Beena Saraswathy March 2016
187 Trends in Foreign Investment in Healthcare Sector of India Reji K. Joseph & K.V.K. Ranganathan February 2016
186 Industrial Finance in the Era of Financial Liberalization in India: Exploring Some Structural Issues Santosh Kumar Das December 2015
185 Private Sector in Healthcare Delivery Market in India: Structure, Growth and Implications Shailender Kumar December 2015
184 Growth and Distribution: Understanding Developmental Regimes in Indian States Kalaiyarasan A. October 2015
183 Foreign Exchange Use Pattern of Manufacturing Foreign Affiliates in the Post-Reform India: Issues and Concerns Swati Verma August 2015
182 India’s Manufacturing Sector Export Performance: A Focus on Missing Domestic Inter-sectoral Linkages Smitha Francis May 2015
181 Foreign Investment in Hospital Sector in India: Trends, Pattern and Issues Shailender Kumar Hooda April 2015
180 India: Trade in Healthcare Services T.P. Bhat March 2015
179 Clinical Trials Industry in India: A Systematic Review Swadhin Mondal & Dinesh Abrol March 2015
178 Seaports, Dry ports, Development Corridors: Implications for Regional Development in Globalizing India Atiya Habeeb Kidwai & Gloria Kuzur February 2015
177 Determinants of Public Expenditure on Health in India: The Panel Data Estimates Shailender Kumar Hooda January 2015
176 Manufacturing Strategy in a Changing Context Nilmadhab Mohanty December 2014
175 Freight Logistics & Intermodal Transport: Implications for Competitiveness Arvind Kumar, (IES Retd) Member, Tariff Authority for Major Ports, Ministry of Shipping December 2014
174 Industrial Policy: Its Relevance and Currency Biswajit Dhar, Professor, CESP, J.N.U., New Delhi December 2014
173 INDIA: Structural Changes in the Manufacturing Sector and Growth Prospect T.P. Bhat December 2014
172 Post-Fordism, Global Production Networks and Implications for Labour: Some Case Studies from National Capital Region, India Praveen Jha and Amit Chakraborty, Professor, CESP, J.N.U., New Delhi November 2014
171 From the Phased Manufacturing Programme to Frugal Engineering: Some Initial Propositions Nasir Tyabji, Former Director and Professor, Centre for Jawaharlal Nehru Studies, Jamia Millia Islamia November 2014
170 Intellectual Property Rights and Innovation: MNCs in Pharmaceutical Industry in India after TRIPS Sudip Chaudhuri, Professor, Indian Institute of Management Calcutta November 2014
169 Role of Private Sector in Medical Education and Human Resource Development for Health in India, ISID-PHFI Collaborative Research Programme Pradeep Kumar Choudhury October 2014
168 Towards Employment Augmenting Manufacturing Growth Satyaki Roy September 2014
167 Import Intensity and Its Impact on Exports, Output and Employment Mahua Paul March 2014
166 Challenge of In-vitro Diagnostics for Resource Poor Settings: An Assessment, ISID-PHFI Collaborative Research Programme: Working Paper Series Nidhi Singh and Dinesh Abrol March 2014
165 Out-Of-Pocket Expenditure on Health and Households Well-being in India: Examining the Role of Health Policy Interventions, ISID-PHFI Collaborative Research Programme: Working Paper Series Shailender Kumar Hooda March 2014
164 Labour Processes and the Dynamics of Global Value Chain: A Developing Country Perspective Satyaki Roy March 2014
163 Health Policy Changes and their Impact on Equity in Health Financing in India, ISID-PHFI Collaborative Research Programme: Working Paper Series Swadhin Mondal March 2014
162 Technological Upgrading, Manufacturing and Innovation: Lessons from Indian Pharmaceuticals Dinesh Abrol February 2014
161 FDI into India’s Manufacturing Sector via M&As: Trends and Composition Foreign Investments Study Team February 2014
160 Growth and Structure of the Services Sector in India Jesim Pais February 2014
159 Unemployment in an Era of Jobless Growth N. Chandra Mohan January 2014
158 Access to and Financing of Healthcare through Health Insurance Intervention in India, ISID-PHFI Collaborative Research Programme: Working Paper Series Shailender Kumar Hooda November 2013
157 Parental Education and Infant Mortality in India: Understanding the Regional Differences, ISID-PHFI Collaborative Research Programme: Working Paper Series Pradeep Kumar Choudhury November 2013
156 The “Special Category State” Conundrum in Odisha Nilmadhab Mohanty October 2013
155 Medical Devices Manufacturing Industry in India: Market Structure, Import Intensity and Regulatory Mechanisms, ISID-PHFI Collaborative Research Programme: Working Paper Series Pritam Datta, Indranil Mukhopadhyay, Sakthivel Selvaraj March 2013
154 Changing Pattern of Public Expenditure on Health in India: Issues and Challenges, ISID-PHFI Collaborative Research Programme: Working Paper Series Shailender Kumar Hooda March 2013
153 Currency Concerns under Uncertainty: Case of China Sunanda Sen March 2013
152 Structural Characteristics of the Large Indian Private Corporate Sector in the Post-Liberalisation Period M.R. Murthy & K.V.K. Ranganathan February 2013
151 Growth and Structural Changes in Indian Industries T.P. Bhat February 2013
150 Economic Growth and Employment Linkages: The Indian Experience T.S. Papola January 2013
149 Employment Growth in the Post-Reform Period T.S. Papola December 2012
148 Estimation of Private Investment in Manufacturing Sector and Determinants in Indian States Jagannath Mallick November 2012
147 Regional Disparities in Growth and Human Development in India Satyaki Roy September 2012
146 Social Exclusion and Discrimination in the Labour Market T.S. Papola September 2012
145 Changing Factor Incomes in Industries and Occupations: Review of Long Term Trends Satyaki Roy July 2012
144 Structural Changes in the Indian Economy: Emerging Patterns and Implications T.S. Papola June 2012
143 Managing Global Financial Flows at the Cost of National Autonomy: China and India Sunanda Sen March 2012
142 High Non-Wage Employment in India: Revisiting the ‘Paradox’ in Capitalist Development Satyaki Roy December 2011
141 Trends and Patterns in Consumption Expenditure: A Review of Class and Rural-Urban Disparities Satyaki Roy October 2011
140 The Global Crisis and the Remedial Actions: A Non-Mainstream Perspective Sunanda Sen May 2011
139 Spatial Organization of Production in India: Contesting Themes and Conflicting Evidence Satyaki Roy April 2011
138 India's FDI Inflows: Trends and Concepts K.S. Chalapati Rao & Biswajit Dhar Febraury 2011
137 On the Sustainability of India’s Non-Inclusive High Growth Surajit Mazumdar December 2010
136 Operation of FDI Caps in India and Corporate Control Mechanisms K.S. Chalapati Rao & Biswajit Dhar December 2010
135 Indian Capitalism: A Case That Doesn’t Fit? Surajit Mazumdar November 2010
134 Big Business and Economic Nationalism in India Surajit Mazumdar September 2010
133 Aligning with both the Soviet Union and with the Pharmaceutical Transnationals: Dilemmas attendant on initiating Drug Production in India Nasir Tyabji August 2010
132* The Arduous Route to Ensuring Some Minimum Public Shareholding in Listed Companies K.S. Chalapati Rao June 2010
131 Managing Finance in Emerging Economies: The Case of India Sunanda Sen June 2010
130 Social Science Research in Globalising India: Historical Development and Recent Trends T.S. Papola May 2010
129* Private Industry and the Second Five Year Plan: The Mundhra Episode as exemplar of Capitalist Myopia Nasir Tyabji May 2010
128 Trading in India’s Commodity Future Markets Sunanda Sen and Mahua Paul February 2010
127 Industry and Services in Growth and Structural Change in India: Some Unexplored Features Surajit Mazumdar January 2010
126 Does the Current Global Crisis remind us of the Great Depression? Sunanda Sen January 2010
125 Footwear Cluster in Kolkata: A Case of Self-exploitative Fragmentation Satyaki Roy December 2009
124 Garments Industry in India: Lessons from Two Clusters Satyaki Roy December 2009
123 Global Financial Crisis: A Classic ‘Ponzi’ Affair? Sunanda Sen December 2008
122 The Analysis of Business Groups: Some Observations with reference to India Surajit Mazumdar December 2008
121 Outward FDI and Knowledge Flows: A Study of the Indian Automotive Sector Jaya Prakash Pradhan and Neelam Singh November 2008
120 South-South Investment in Infrastructure: The Operation of Indian Firms in Developing Countries Jaya Prakash Pradhan August 2008
119 Indian Direct Investment in Developing Countries: Emerging Trends and Development Impacts Jaya Prakash Pradhan June 2008
118 Investment and Growth in India under Liberalization: Asymmetries and Instabilities Surajit Mazumdar March 2008
117 Media the Key Driver of Consumerism: Macro-Micro Linkage and Policy Dimension—A Case Study of FM Radio Abhilasha Kumari March 2008
116 Structural Change in Employment in India since 1980s: How Lewisian is it? Satyaki Roy March 2008
115 Crony Capitalism and India: Before and After Liberalization Surajit Mazumdar March 2008
114 Exchange Rate Movement of Developing Countries: An Alternative Theoretical Framework Atulan Guha February 2008
113 Crony Capitalism: Caricature or Category? Surajit Mazumdar February 2008
112 Iron Foundries in Duress: Identifying Impediments in Organisations and Institutions Satyaki Roy January 2008
111* Trends and Patterns of Overseas Acquisitions by Indian Multinationals Jaya Prakash Pradhan October 2007
110* National Innovation System and the Emergence of Indian Information and Software Technology Multinationals Jaya Prakash Pradhan May 2007
109 Estimates of Import Intensity in India’s Manufacturing Sector: Recent Trends and Dimensions
T.P. Bhat, Atulan Guha, Mahua Paul and Partha Pratim Sahu April 2007
108* How do Indian Multinationals Affect Exports from Home Country?
Jaya Prakash Pradhan April 2007
107 Five years of China in WTO: An Assessment
T.P. Bhat April 2007
106 Expanding Productive Employment Opportunities: Role and Potential of the Micro and Small Enterprises Sector
Partha Pratim Sahu March 2007
105* Growth of Indian Multinationals in the World Economy: Implications for Development
Jaya Prakash Pradhan March 2007
104 Tata Steel's Romance with Orissa: Minerals-based Underdevelopment and Federal Politics in India
Jaya Prakash Pradhan February 2007
103 New Policy Regime and Small Pharmaceutical Firms in India
Jaya Prakash Pradhan January 2007
102* Subcontracting in India’s Small Manufacturing Enterprises: Problems and Prospects
Partha Pratim Sahu January 2007
101 Quality of Foreign Direct Investment, Knowledge Spillovers and Host Country Productivity: A Framework of Analysis
Jaya Prakash Pradhan December 2006
100 The Indian Stock Market in 2005–06: An Examination of Two Major Events
K.S. Chalapati Rao, K.V.K. Ranganathan October 2006
099 Ownership Pattern of the Indian Corporate Sector: Implications for Corporate Governance
K.S. Chalapati Rao, Atulan Guha September 2006
098 Export-Orientation of Foreign Manufacturing Affiliates in India Factors, Tendencies and Implications
Jaya Prakash Pradhan, Keshab Das, Mahua Paul August 2006
097 Overseas Acquisition versus Greenfield Foreign Investment: Which Internationalization Strategy is better for Indian Pharmaceutical Enterprises?
Jaya Prakash Pradhan, Abhinav Alakshendra August 2006
096 Some Features of Migration and Labour Mobility in the Leather Accessories Manufacture in India: A Study of the Informal Sector Industry in Dharavi, Mumbai
Jesim Pais August 2006
095 Global Competitiveness of Indian Pharmaceutical Industry: Trends and Strategies
Jaya Prakash Pradhan June 2006
094 Tourism Employment: An Analysis of Foreign Tourism in India
Jesim Pais June 2006
093* Adoption of Improved Technology in India’s Small-scale Industries: Evidences from a Field Survey Partha Pratim Sahu April 2006
092 Strengthening Intellectual Property Rights Globally: Impact on India’s Pharmaceutical Exports Jaya Prakash Pradhan April 2006
091 Towards Understanding the State-wise Distribution of Foreign Direct Investments in the Post-Liberalisation Period K.S. Chalapati Rao and M.R. Murthy April 2006
090* Indian Stock market: 2004-05—Some Issues K.S. Chalapati Rao and K.V.K. Ranganathan  
089* Workers in a Globalising World: Some Perspectives from India, paper presented at the Conference on "Globalisation and Labour Mobility in India and China", organised by Asian Business and Economic Research Unit (ABERU), at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia T.S. Papola September 29-30, 2005
088 Emerging Structure of Indian Economy: Implications of Growing Inter-sectoral Imbalances,  Presidential Address, 88th Conference of 'The Indian Economic Association', Andhra University, Visakhapatnam T.S. Papola December 27-29, 2005
087 Economic History of Tobacco Production in India S.K. Goyal, P C Biswal and K.V.K. Ranganathan June 2004
086 Potential Impact of Supply-side Actions S.K. Goyal, P C Biswal and K.V.K. Ranganathan July 2004
085* Is Growth Sans Industrialisation Substainable? ISID—Foundation Day Lecture G.S. Bhalla May 2004
084 Labour: Down and Out, A special Issue on India Shining,  Seminar, 537 T.S. Papola and A N Sharma May, 2004
083 Foreign Trade Policy: Content and Coverage T.P. Bhat 2004
082 National Trade Policy: What it Implies? T.P. Bhat 2004
081 WTO Negotiations Back on Track T.P. Bhat 2004
080 Chinese Perspective of Bilateral Trade with India T.P. Bhat 2004
079* A Challenge for Social Scientist, Young Indian S.K. Goyal January 2004
078* Foreign Portfolio Investments and the Indian Stock Market Boom of 2003-04: A Note, ISID K.S. Chalapati Rao 2004
077* Wavelet Analysis of the Bombay Stock Exchange Index, Journal of Quantitative Economics, Vol. 18, No. 1 Pratap C. Biswal, B Kammaiah and Prasanta K Panigrahi 2004
076 Company Size and Effective Corporate Tax Rate: A Study on Indian Private Manufacturing Companies Atulan Guha January 2004
075* Spread of Anti-dumping: Containment and Reform, Foreign Trade Review, Vol. 39, No. 2 T.P. Bhat 2004
074 Government Procurement Agreement: Negotiating Position for India, Young Indian T.P. Bhat November 1-8, 2003
073* Heralding of Asian Giant Trade Block, Young Indian T.P. Bhat October, 18-24, 2003
072 China the Victim of Anti-dumping Action, Young Indian T.P. Bhat October 11-17, 2003
071 Cost of Public Holidays T.P. Bhat  
070 India and China on New Horizon, Young Indian T.P. Bhat October 4-10, 2003
069 Asymmetrics in Interest Rate Sensitivity of Capital Flows: Some Empirical Evidences Atulan Guha September, 2003
068* Collapse of Cancum Meet, Young Indian T.P. Bhat September 20-26, 2003
067 Free-float Sensex is Better Index Pratap C. Biswal August 2003
066 Globalization of Anti-dumping and its Impact, Foreign Trade Review, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, New Delhi, Vol. 38 No. 1 and 2 T.P. Bhat April-September 2003
065 IRAQ: Some Serious Concerns, Editorial in Man & Development S.K. Goyal March 2003
064* An Overview of the Indian Stock Market with Emphasis on Ownership Pattern of Listed Companies, published as 'Stock Market' in Alternative Survey Group, Alternative Economic Survey: 2001-2002 K.S. Chalapati Rao 2002
063* Stock Market, published in 'Alternative Economic Survey 2000-01', Alternative Survey Group K.S. Chalapati Rao July, 2001
062* Washington Consensus And India: Experience Of The Last Decade, paper presented at the International Conference 'Beyond the Washington Consensus - Governance and the Public Domain in Constrasting Economies: The Cases of India and Canada', Chandigarh S.K. Goyal & K.S. Chalapati Rao 12-14 February, 2001
061 A Reform of Corporate Statistics: Some Suggestions, A Note Submitted to the National Statistical Commission, Central Statistical Organisation, Govt. of India K.S. Chalapati Rao and Nagesh Kumar October 2000
060* Stock Market K.S. Chalapati Rao 2000
059* Some Aspects of the Indian Stock Market in the Post-Liberalisation Period K.S. Chalapati Rao, K.V.K. Ranganathan & M.R. Murthy October-December 1999
058* Foreign Institutional Investments and the Indian Stock Market K.S. Chalapati Rao, K.V.K. Ranganathan & M.R. Murthy October-December 1999
057* Foreign Direct Investments in the Post-Liberalisation Period: An Overview K.S. Chalapati Rao, M.R. Murthy & K.V.K. Ranganathan July-September 1999
056 Locational Aspects of FDI in the Post-Liberalisation Period: Some Tentative Observations, paper presented at the workshop 'Urban Agenda for the New Millennium', Ahmedabad K.S. Chalapati Rao, M.R. Murthy July 1999
055* Policy Processes S.K. Goyal February 1999
054* Foreign Direct Investment K.S. Chalapati Rao & M.R. Murthy February 1999
053* Company Law K.S. Chalapati Rao February 1999
052 Foreign Direct Investments in India Since Liberalisation: An Overview K.S. Chalapati Rao, M.R. Murthy & Biswajit Dhar October 1997
051 Economic Policies and Indian Development: A Discussion Paper S.K. Goyal, K.S. Chalapati Rao, M.R. Murthy, K.V.K. Ranganathan April 1997
050 Foreign Private Capital: Penetration through Collaborations, Young Indian, Vol. 8  p. 3  M.R. Murthy,  K.V.K. Ranganathan 1997
049* Indian Private Corporate Sector: Some Characteristics and Trends K.S. Chalapati Rao 1997
048* Corporate Sector and Emerging Company Law K.S. Chalapati Rao 1997
047 Capitalism, Consumerism and Media: India after Reforms P C Singh November 1996
046 Economic Reviews: Need for An Alternative Framework S.K. Goyal November 1996
045 Political Economy of India's Economic Reforms S.K. Goyal October 1996
044* Concept of Companies under the Same Management Under Section 2370(1B) of the Companies Act, 1956: A study of its Operation K.S. Chalapati Rao & Alok Puranik March 1996
043 Spillover Effects of Technology Transfer to India: An Econometric Study Vinish Kathuria 22-24 January 1996
042 A Study of Comparative Performance of Joint and Private Sector Companies M.R. Murthy January 1996
041 Social Networks, Peoples' Organisation and Popular Participation —Process, Mechanisms and Forms in the Squatter Settlements T K Majumdar December 1995
040 Industrial Sickness in Private and Joint Sectors: An Analysis M.R. Murthy December 1995
039 Joint Sector and Regulation of Concentration of Economic Power M.R. Murthy October 1995
038 Joint Sector: An Approach to Regional Industrial Development M.R. Murthy June 1995
037 Joint Sector: Purpose, Rationale and Objectives M.R. Murthy April 1995
036 TNCs and the Third World: Need for a Realistic Policy Framework S.K. Goyal 1995
035 Explanatory Factors of Country International Banking Networks, ISID—Foundation Day Lecture Jan ter Wengel April-June 1994
034 Determinants of Demands for Money in India—An Empirical Analysis U R Prasad April 1994
033* Cost of Raising Capital: A Study of Public Issues made during 1992-93 M.R. Murthy & Alok Puranik October-November 1993
032 Protection of Investors' Interest: Intention and Implementation A case Study of the Concept of Companies Under the Same Management K.S. Chalapati Rao & Alok Puranik September 1993
031* Policies Towards Development of Agro-Industries in India S.K. Goyal 6-10 September 1993
030 Role of Corporate Securities in Household Saving and Private Corporate Sector Financing during Eighties—Some Empirical Observations Alok Puranik November 1992
029 Speeding Agricultural Growth: Implications for Labour Absorption Sheila Bhalla March 1992
028 State Resource of Mobilisation—Trends and Implications: A Study of Central Government Revenues—1950-51 to 1990-91 Sangeta Pratap 1992
027 Import Liberalisation and OGL Imports: An Examination of Some Issues Sumangala Damodaran February 1992
026 Social Indicators—the Social Basis of Quality of Life in the Metropolis T K Majumdar February 1992
025 A Note on Trends in Corporate Borrowings of Large Private Sector Companies—1975-76 to 1987-88 U R Prasad 1992
024 India's Export Price Function H Ashok Chandra Prasad 1992
023 Role and Performance of Developement Banks in India: With Special Reference to IDBI Sameer Goyal July 1991
022 Speculation Management: Some Issues Alok Puranik July 1991
021 Industry and Employment: Recent Indian Experience, ISID—Foundation Day Lecture T.S. Papola May 1991
020 Capital Markets and Patterns of Resource Mobilization in the Indian Corporate Sector Sahana Ghosh 1991
019 Sub-contracting in Industries: A Preliminary Study Sangeeta Pratap 1991
018 Food Security in South and South East Asian Countries G.S. Bhalla 1991
017 TNCs and Transfer Pricing in India, Regulatory Strategies and Corporate Structure Nitasha Devasar August 1991
016 The role of stock exchange(s) in financing the private corporate sector and investment activity in India Alok Puranik 1991
015 MNCs and Indian Policy Framework S.K. Goyal 1990
014 Price Trends in the Indian Economy S.K. Goyal 1990
013* Social Background of Indian Administrative Service Santosh Goyal 1990
012* Social Background of Indian Corporate Executives Santosh Goyal 1990
011* An Evaluation of Export Policies and the Export Performance of Large Private Companies K S Chapalati Rao 1988
010 On the Proliferation of Small Farmers and Labour Absorption in Indian Agriculture Sheila Bhalla December 1988
009 The Nature of Agricultural Development in India G.S. Bhalla December 1988
008 Organised Sector: Directions of Change S.K. Goyal 1988
007 Joint Sector Enterprises in India M.R. Murthy 1988
006 State Regulation of Foreign Capital in India Biswajit Dhar 1988
005 Advertising in India: Some Characteristics and Trends Sudha Sachdeva 1988
004 Place of Foreign Controlled Enterprises in Indian Manufacturing: Overall and Sectoral Shares Nagesh Kumar 1988
003 Foreign Controlled Companies in the Indian Economy: An Attempt at Identification Biswajit Dhar 1988
002 Indian Joint Ventures Abroad K.V.K. Ranganathan 1988
001 Nature and Growth of the Indian Corporate Sector S.K. Goyal 1988
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* Working Papers already published